Pellet Extruder v3

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323 thoughts on “Pellet Extruder v3

  1. Do you plan to sell the metal parts as a kit? Or do you think or tryed to only use metal parts at the cold end? If you plan to sell a metal part kit I would be interested 😉


    1. i will sell the hot end an auger coming soon. the other parts are commercials. I will tell you when it is available


  2. Hola mahor quisiera comprarte un extrusor de pellets. Soy de uruguay. Quisiera saber que costo tiene y como podría enviarte el dinero para la compra. Muchas gracias. Genial tu trabajo 👍🏿


    1. Depending on the type of plastic it is necessary to calibrate before, however it is possible to adjust during printing with the flow rate control


    1. Good Morning
      I am finishing the last details for the NEMA 23 bit 12 waiting for the material, now I am distributing the NEMA 17 bit 8.
      Thanks for your wait
      a greeting


  3. hola amigo! your development on this extruder is AMAZING! great work!
    are the plans for the direct bottle extruder available as well, or is it possible to buy one from you? i would love to try it out.
    please send me some information as well when you have time. many thanks, also for taking the time to create such an important development for 3d printing!


  4. Hola, Mahor. Tengo curiosidad por saber si podría funcionar con “cera mecanizable” (Parafina+LDPE), para hacer fundición: artistas, prototipado…
    Existe el filamento Print2Cast, pero su coste es prohibitivo para objetos de gran volúmen.


    1. Hola Manuel, muy interasante esa técnica, he probado con polietileno de los tapones de botellas y fluye muy bien pero no se pega a la cama ni caliente ni con laca, también a raíz de tu comentario he probado a mezclar el polietileno con cera de velas pero no he obtenido buen resultado, puede ser que la vela no era de parafina o el método no fué el apropiado, seguiré investigando haber si encuentro los pellets de ese material.
      un saludo


  5. Hi Mahor, please send me the information on how to purchase one of your pellet extruders. I came across this from a YouTube video yesterday. The design is incredibly efficient and the quality looks amazing. I would definitely like to purchase one. Thank you.


  6. Hi, can this be adapted for a Delta style printer? specifically the Tevo Little Monster? If so, I would like to purchase too. Can you please email me the details please.


    1. Hello
      The only requirement for the printer in the electronics has to be a DRV8825 driver.
      We have sent the information to you by email
      A greeting


  7. Hola Mahor,
    Felicidades por tu gran trabajo en este extrusor, estaría interesado en adquirir un extrusor V3 para la impresora que estoy construyendo, si me pudieses enviar informacion te lo agradeceria.
    Un saludo.


    1. Hola Javi, gracias por tu interés en el proyecto
      Hemos enviado la información a su dirección de correo electrónico
      Un saludo


  8. Awesome design. Im am interested in purchasing the pellet extruder kit . Can you please email me ?
    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  9. Hello,

    your pellet extruder looks amazing and seems to work wonderful. I am currently working on a Master’s Thesis for Uni, where I have this topic to develop a pellet extruder.
    What does your extruder cost and how much effort did you invest?
    Do you have some technical information about this product? Any simulations for example?

    Many thanks.


  10. Hello! Im am interested in purchasing the pellet extruder kit . Can you please email me ?
    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  11. Hola Mahor,

    Podrias facilitarme mas información profavor y precio del KIT?

    Es para una impressora de 1200 x 700 x 400 mm y quiero liquidar las bobinas de 10kg y poner pellets.



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